Vertex Love
Online Vertex Shader Editor

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Vertex Love is a playground for coding GLSL Vertex shaders.

Given a box filled with vertices/points, you can sculpt, warp, deform and color this cube into something completely different by coding the shader within the editor.
All the vertices lie inside a normalized space of 1.0 x 1.0 x 1.0 units.
You are also given 3 sliders. Their value gets input into the shader, so you can easily test and manipulate the visuals.
You can rotate and zoom the view.

Happy vertex sculpting!

This project was born during the first weeks of a programming retreat at The Recurse Center, in New York, USA.

// Noises

// Bend | Wave | Stretch | Twist + Taper

// Cartesian to Sphericals | Propeller | Grid