Erotism through geometric abstraction

Luzbido is an Erotic Art installation.
It is composed by concretely geometric elements. Pedestals silently charged with sexual libido, both facing towards a light symbol the powers and modulates the thought of the player. A tiny time-space of mental privacy.

The work proposes a triggering of sexual memories.
Based on a total symbolic abstraction, it gives the player freedom in the association of these memories, through a clear masturbatory action that triggers self emotions and a personal significance of the light symbol and the interactive experience.

// Showcased at:

Mundo Triángulo - Intervenciones Galácticas e Interactivas.
Club Premier, Buenos Aires, September 9, 2014

Festival Enlaces UNTREF
Tres de Febrero, October 11, 12 y 13, 2014

FestiDomingas Prrrn!
Festival Erótico y Pornográfico, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2015

Pictures: The Installation - Light Painting - Making of

Idea, Electronics, Programming and Setup:
Agustín Ramos Anzorena
Flavia Laudado (

Cristian Espinoza (
Guido Martín (
Flavia Laudado
Agustin Ramos Anzorena

Photo retouching:
Agustin Ramos Anzorena

Thanx to:
FabLab Buenos Aires ( for all the carving and Maximiliano Torres Sagardoy on his assistance for shaping the vagina pedestal.
Cristian Espinoza

// The installation at Festival Enlaces

// Players and LightWaves


// The Penis

// The Vagina

// MasturLighting

// Enter the Tunnel

// Spirits of Sex

// Mainframe Shift

// Defying the straight line

// ASCII - like

// Whirling

// Energy transfer

// Fusion

// The PCB, with the little Luzbido Symbol

// The Penis' simple guts

// Working on the electronics

// CNC Machine carving some of the wood

// Assembling the pedestals