Electronic Light Installation on the metaphor of Earth's Natural Cycles

Rocks are historical and everlasting witnesses of all of nature's geological cycles. Static and inert, they are prime elements of geological studies, for they have become holders of the planet's ancestral knowledge and life.
PetroLumen seeks to express the metaphor of Earth's old and continuous natural cycles as variations of light embedded inside translucent rocks. The periodic motion in the ring represents all manners of cycles; from water, to air, to carbon cycles.

An evolving and fluid pattern shimmers, as it invites the viewer to approach the ring, and become part of the flow. As the installation senses man's presence, it attempts to subtly remind him of his existence along Earth's cycles.

PetroLumen's ethereal rhythm and gentle pulse invites for a calm contemplation of the metaphor of oneself in relation to our home planet.


Idea and Aesthetic Development:
Agustin Ramos Anzorena
Paloma Marquez (

Software and Electronics Programming:
Agustin Ramos Anzorena

Rock Sculpting and Molding:
Paloma Marquez

// Approaching the ring

// Colorful detail

// Interaction: Finding your Light Avatar