Objeto de Reflexión de Imaginarios
Exploration on the Images of One-Self

Objecto de Reflexión de Imaginarios (Object of Reflection of Imaginaries) is a reactive object that deals with the reflection of the “Ideal Self” and the “Images of One-Self”, with the mirror-in-space as the main manipulative material, and taking Jacques Lacan’s idea of the mirror as a conceptual basis and starting point.

The work proposes to offset the interpretation of the imaginary plane towards the real, building a new interpretative process that might achieve the visualization and explicitation of the imaginary plane.

For this, it tries to provoke reflection stages in the viewer. Among them, one of reflection, almost involuntarily, at the time of the approach, and another one , more important and trascendental, after the transformation event.

How many people are there in the mirror?
What role does the psyche encompasses?
How can we explain it’s intervention?

Showcased at:
FASE 7.0 - Arte + Ciencia + Tecnologías | Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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