Teaching Processing Creative Coding Framework
Expanding the code at various Institutions and Platforms

I had the opportunity to dictated various courses and workshops on Processing as a mean for creative coding, artistic experimentation and technical learning on general programming.
The video above corresponds to the complete online course for learning the Processing Language, mounted over at Acamica.com, and Online Learning Platform (MOOC).

Other Institutions and spaces include:

  • Centro Cultural San Martín
  • CCEBA (Centro Cultural de España en Buenos Aires)
  • AMIA - Studio Shenkin
  • Espacio OddCG
  • Studio Balero

My responsabilites were to:

  • Create the syllabus, the methodology, and the content.
  • Generate online and offline material, such as exercises and explanatory PDFs.
  • Teach in front of a camera and act inside an astronaut suit (it's not that easy..!!).
  • Help out in the forums and communities created

Try Acamica's course out:

// At Centro Cultural San Martin


// At AMIA - Studio Shenkin

// At Espacio OddCG

// A still from Acamica.com's course

// At Studio Balero