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Light Towers
Light Towers' system for onStage real-time volume lighting

In collaboration with Javier Velazquez Traut, Alan Grizek and Julian Ottomano, we developed a system of LED Lights towers that can be placed around the stage during a performance. Once set, it allows for precise color manipulation and animation, providing the environment with a very magical volumetric light control, tinting the atmosphere with different kinds of moods.

A software was coded, “Photon”, with a custom Graphical User Interface that allowed for previsualization of the final LED output, importing videos/media, sampling them, and jump around their timelines like a VJ.

We also did the design and animation of the music-synced video sequences to import into the software. Produced for a Victoria en el Mar’s 2017 show, the band later decided to keep using the system for some 360 music videos.

The towers are built based on the neoPixel WS2812 chip and are driven via an Arduino with an Ethernet Shield.

Thanx a lot to Victoria and Mar and Martin de Iuliis


Software Programming, Animation Design and Electronics
Agustin Ramos Anzorena
Javier Velazquez Traut (velazqueztraut.com)

Alan Grizek

Additional Electronics and a very good hand:
Julian Ottomano

// During the live Show

// Preview of PHOTON, our custom software

// The band's photoShoot

// Screen from the 360 music video

// The music video for the song Circulo