The Game of Cells
Interactive Simulation the explores a Digital Genetic Model

The Game of Cells is conceived to be an installation that merges various scientific aspects, in order to give the user an accessible experience to Cellular Biology and Genetics.

It is strongly inspired by John Conway's famous "The Game of Life", and abilities frequently use in Role-Playing Games.

The aim is to, over the surface, bring a friendly user interface to operate on, and below the surface, carry out digital virtual analogies of biological processes.

At the same time, merge them in a way that would not only become a fun experience, but also spark an interest on what is actually behind the scenes, what is creating such an attractive visualization.

An in-Depth Project Documentation, with lot's of graphics, is available.
It examines every single aspect of the Installation Construction, the Simulation and the Experience.
-- Download the Project Documentation

Idea, Graphic Design, Electronics, Software Programming and Implementation:
Agustín Ramos Anzorena

Thanx to:

// Silhouettes

// Kids became highly engaged

// Testing Cell Interaction

// The Cell Modeler Control Panel

// The Modeler's guts: An Arduino Mega 2560, Potentiometers and a Giant Easy Button

// Come into the Light!

// Pseudo-Scientist having fun

// Testing the Kinect Sensor

Thanx to:

Calos Lab, Perla Lee and everyone at Calos.
The Venue and it's Director/Organizer.

Juan Pablo MacDougall (, Lautaro Castillo, Diego Paramo, Daniel Hong and all the exhibitors.
The Exhibitors.

Guido Corallo ( and his Students.
The Processing Workshop where this Installation took off.

Patricio Gonzalez Vivo (
For igniting our bond with Calos Lab, and for his nerdy programming workshops.

My Family.
Sometimes they don't know what the heck I'm doing, but they still have faith in me.

Guillermina Inés Ortega.
For loving me and letting me populate our small house with all sort of strange gadgets.

Manuel Lopez Lecube.
For sharing his Biology knowledge.

Miguel Ángel Morkin.
For his friendship and valuable support.

Continente 7 (
For "Hydra" and support.

Sabrina Mayra Dubovsky.
For photography.

The Libraries Contributers:
Casey Reas, Ben Fry and the Processing Development Team
Max Rheiner, for Simple-OpenNI.
Benedikt Groß, for ANI.
Andreas Schlegel, for ControlP5 and OscP5.
David A. Mellis, for Arduino Library.