Two Space Emulator
Tribute to Larry Cuba

While researching about the pioneers in computer motion graphics, I was lucky to watch Larry Cuba’s piece “Two-Space” at the Buenos Aires Planetarium, as a fullDome experience. The animation explores the 17 symmetry groups, very present in Islamic Art patterns. The breath-taking result is a sample of the beauty that computer generated graphics could create, along with pieces like “Calculated Movements” and “Arabesque” (in collaboration with John Whitney).

This is a small tribute to Larry Cuba. A simple system of reflections with some controls to play around and create charming and elegant symmetries. A fresh canvas to maneuvers organic movements in a sort of hypnotic way.

Coded in Processing

// Pattern 1

// Pattern 2

// Pattern 3

// Pattern 4

// Pattern 5

// Pattern 6

// Pattern 7