// About
//    Agustín Ramos Anzorena

I’m an Electronic Artist and Creative Coder that enjoys exploring the fields of New Media, Artistic Abstraction and Visual Composition.

With a background in 3D Animation and Graphic Design, I’m interested in creating interactive installations and software with an emphasis in the visuals.
In parallel, I relish in the composition of SoundScapes and Sound Experimentation.

My tools are: Processing (Java), OpenFrameworks (C++), Arduino & Raspberry Pi Electronics Platforms, Unity, 3D Animation (3dsMax & Cinema4D) and Graphic Design Software.

Get in touch:

e-mail: play@pleek.net
Cellphone: 156-803-8962. (Outside Argentina: +54-911-68038962)

// Studies

Residencies + Art Programs:

School For Poetic Computation, New York, USA. Computational Art Residency. (2016)

Understanding Visual Music International Conference 2016 + Year round Workshops. Buenos Aires, Argentina. (2015 - 2016)

Masters Program:

Master in Technology and Aesthetics of Electronic Arts, Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero, Buenos Aires, Argentina. (2014) (Working on the thesis)

Specialization Studies:

Professional 3D Animation Developer, Image Campus, Instituto de Medios Avanzados, Gráficos y Electrónicos. (2008)

Web Design at Instituto de Centro de Capacitación Informatica, Capacitación Web Group, CIUA.com Solution. - HTML, Dreamweaver, Flash, ActionScript y Fireworks. (2006)

Graduate Program:

Graphic Design, Universidad de Palermo. (2005)

Secondary School:

Saint George's College, Buenos Aires.
International Baccalaureate + Bachiller Polimodal Bilingüe Castellano-Inglés en Ciencias Naturales con Opciones Curriculares en Economía, Humanidades y Arte (2001)