Learn/Make/Teach at SFPC

Learn :: Burn

Learn: Understand the ways and thoughts of the other artist. Reflect on perspectives. Let the light from a billion suns shine through your skin.

Learn :: Term

Learn: Take 1 book from the overInteresting SFPC library, and follow it through until the end of the season.

Learn :: Discern

Learn: I’m becoming increasingly interested in the works of pioneer computer animators like John Whitney, Larry Cuba, Norman McLaren, Michael Noll, Lillian Schwartz, Walter Ruttman, Oskar Fischinger, Alexander Rutterford, among others.
But alse, I’m somehow very attracted to the work of artist that manipulate, investigate, bend and explore Light. Especially, James Turrell and his Projection pieces.
Learn, then, how to start a research process that merges computational motion graphics experimentalism, and energetic and volumetric light exploration.

Make :: Cake

Make: A collaborative project.

Make: En electronic hardware thingy

Make: Something tiny and colorfull

Make: Waves that move and stay still.

Make: A light bending device. An artificial black hole. A Playground for shadows. Mirrors in a parallel universe.

Make :: Shake :: Sake :: Fake :: Date :: Take :: Lake

Make :: Make :: Make :: Make :: Meik :: Make :: Make :: Make

Make: An installation that exist only because there is light to be substracted. Awareness of black. Dismissal of reflections. Floating on thin air?

Teach :: Itch

Teach: New knowledge tickles. You scratch at first, until it becomes part of you. No need to scratch anymore.

Programming itches, at first. The symbols look painfully sharp and complicated, disconcerting and scrambled, disordered and offending. The gift of Processing is an itch that quickly goes away. The colors make for a great body cream: Aloe Vera greens gently soothe and become skin cells.
Teaching Processing changes your skin.

Teach :: Pitch :: The skin hides your muscles, your bones, your nerves. With delight, the body moves around, explores positions. It becomes a body in motion, it is constantly pitching to new shapes, angles, arrangements.

Proposing Improv exercises extend the body, they reCalculate it, they allow for the discovery of more space around you, and reEstablish the notion and amplitude of other bodies in a territory, together, with you.
Suddenly, space is different.

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